Thriving at MIT: A Twitter Tutorial

by Kate Repantis on September 18, 2014 · 0 comments

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This week, MIT alumni and student tweeters shared advice about how to thrive at MIT as part of the Twitter chat “Tweets to My First Year Self.” Conversation ranged from healthy ways to keep perspective to great courses and must-see places to explore around Boston.

Take It All In
Many tweeters talked about favorite courses and interesting opportunities to learn at MIT. Janelle Wellons ’16 shared how she first learned to code, and Erick Pinos ’17 tweeted about why he became an MIT Admissions blogger.

Alumni shared how skills they learned at MIT have taken them far in their careers. Ting Ting Luo ’09 discussed how MIT’s emphasis on group work has helped her advance in her career as a consultant and now MBA student at Warden Business School. Stever Robbins ’86 chimed in with how improvisational comedy taught him public speaking, a skill he will be using this weekend at MIT’s Alumni Leadership Conference.

Keeping it in Perspective
But how do you cope when stresses arise and PSETs are looming? Noah Warner ’01, SM ’03, PhD ’07 and Keriann Durgin ’16 shared favorite resources, while Nasr and Robbins encouraged students to keep perspective.


Michael Figueroa ’97 and Erick Pinos ’17 reiterated the importance of learning when the going gets tough.


Beyond the MIT Bubble
The chat concluded with discussion about MIT’s events, why you have to check out the MFA, and great opportunities for volunteering in and around Boston.

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What advice would you add? Tweet it using the hashtag #MITAlum or post in the comments below.

Search #MITAlum on Twitter to read the full chat. The event was co-sponsored by MIT’s Division of Student Life 
and the MIT Alumni Association

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