Faculty Forum Online: Climate Change Policy that Makes Economic Sense, April 10, 2013

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Update: View a video of this presentation.

Climate change policy can be complex, expensive to implement, and have unintended negative consequences on the environment. Focusing on the economics of transportation policy, Professor Christopher Knittel is working help create climate change policy that is more efficient and economically sustainable.

In the next Faculty Forum Online broadcast, Knittel will discuss his studies of consumer and company reactions to energy price fluctuations and the implications of this work for effective environmental policies.

Knittel, a William Barton Rogers Professor of Energy Economics and co-director of the Center for Energy and Environmental Policy Research, will introduce his research and take questions from the worldwide MIT community on Wednesday, April 10, from noon to 12:30 p.m. (EDT).

Register for this free eventClimate Change Policy that Makes Economic Sense—to receive the link for live viewing. After the event, return to Slice and continue the conversation in the comments.

Christopher Knittel

About Christopher Knittel

Before joining the MIT faculty in 2011, Knittel taught at Boston University from 1999-2002 and the University of California, Davis from 2003-2011. His research focuses on environmental economics, industrial organization, and applied econometrics.

He is a research associate at the National Bureau of Economic Research and an associate editor The American Economic Journal—Economic Policy, The Journal of Industrial Economics and Journal of Energy Markets. He received his bachelor’s degree in economics and political science from the California State University, Stanislaus in 1994, a master’s degree in economics from Davis in 1996, and a doctorate in economics from University of California, Berkeley in 1999.


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