You Win this Round, Harvard

by Amy Marcott on February 8, 2013 · 0 comments

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Superlatives are a tricky thing, especially when you’re talking about MIT students and alumni. Yet the website Business Insider claims they have found the 14 most impressive students at MIT right now.

Rachel Davis. An MIT student. With an actual fire hose. What MITer doesn't appreciate that?

Rachel Davis ’16: an MIT student. With an actual fire hose. What MITer doesn’t appreciate that?

These include Rachel Davis ’16 (pictured), a volunteer firefighter on Long Island and developer of a flame retardant biodegradable plastic.

Cameron McCord ’13, ROTC commander and double-major in nuclear engineering and physics who plans on pursuing a career in nuclear energy safety and nuclear nonproliferation.

And Arfa Aijazi ’13, a materials science and engineering major whose inventions improve the lives of those living in impoverished communities.

Nine members of the list are women.

There’s no doubt these students are impressive, as are any number of MITers. And it’s certainly an honor to be mentioned.

I could decry the lack of criteria for this list, but that would be too easy. Here’s my real beef with Business Insider: Harvard has 22 impressive candidates.

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