The Ones Where Tim the Beaver and Noam Chomsky Go Gangnam Style [Videos]

by Amy Marcott on November 2, 2012 · 0 comments

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One Saturday about a month ago, I was getting off the T at Harvard Square and was greeted by Tim the Beaver, patiently waiting to board the train. Having worked at MIT for a long time—and having escorted said beaver on a few occasions to various photo/video shoots—I was not in the least surprised to see a larger-than-life beaver out of his natural habitat. I was sure there was a good reason he was there, and that some day, I’d probably learn what it was.

Turns out he was shooting a music video, paying homage to the song “Gangnam Style” by South Korean pop artist PSY.

There are actually two very well done “Gangnam Style” videos to come out of MIT recently. One thing is certain, that beaver really knows how to dance. Kudos to whomever was in the costume at the time. That stuff is not easy. Superheroes appear in both. One also features a panda.  And both are worth a look. Apologies in advance if this song is stuck in your head all weekend.

MIT Gangnam Style

Created by the MIT Korean Students Association, this video features a host of MIT “celebs,” including Professors Noam Chomsky, Eric Lander (table dancing, no less), and Donald Sadoway and Dean of Admissions Stu Schmill ’86. Check out the full list of groups featured. The video, directed and edited by and starring Eddie Ha ’13, has surpassed three million views on YouTube and made the site’s All Categories Most Popular playlist. If you really like the video, you can like their Facebook page too.

MIT $100K Start-Up Style

The second video promotes the 2012 MIT $100K Entrepreneurship Competition. This one features Tim the Beaver on the Red Line. It’s great to see all this creative energy from students and to know they aren’t just sitting in a room sweating out the latest problem set.

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