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Interested in what’s cooking at the intersection of management and engineering? Tap into student, alumni, and faculty blog posts at System Design and Management, an MIT master’s program for mid-career professionals applying systems thinking to large-scale, complex challenges in product design, development, and innovation. Here are a few excerpts:

Apple's new OS is not a cowardly lion.

Apple's new OS is not a cowardly lion.

SDM graduate student Karl Critz, a technical product manager with a focus on cleantech entrepreneurship, writes First reactions to OS X Lion after living with it for a few days:

“the good

The sleek look created by a lack of scrollbars is awesome. If you’re going to take one good idea from iOS, this is it. Scroller-heavy interfaces like the Finder and iTunes look so much better. The whole look is a lot less cluttered, and the snapping rubber band effect on overscrolling a window is just as much fun on the desktop as it is on a mobile device.…”

Christine Miyachi SM ’86, SM ’01, a software architect, earned master’s degrees in Technology and Policy and in EECS in 1986; she earned a master’s in System Design and Management in 2001. Her blog, titled the Abstract Software Architect, features Why Software Architecture Fails

“I have worked on very old software systems. Some are over twenty years old. Many software engineers I know work on older systems. What happens is subsystems get replaced over times by new subsystems, fundamentally changing the architecture. Sometimes when the architectural decay is so great, the entire system must be replaced.

“Not so in this system I worked on. It is a work horse, as complex as it is now, with hundreds of engineers contributing to it….”

Irving Wladawsky-Berger, visiting lecturer of Engineering Systems, identified emerging technologies and marketplace developments critical to the future of the IT industry for IBM for 37 years. He writes about A New Style of Work:

“About a year ago I wrote a blog on the post retirement phase of my life. Tom Foremski, a journalist blogger and friend who reports on the business and culture of innovation in Silicon Valley Watcher, wrote an interesting comment in my blog:

“In some ways, I see your post-retirement life as being somewhat futuristic, in that it will be the way many people will be working in the future. It’s what I call an ‘atomic’ model—collaborating with others on specific tasks/projects and then dissolving those collaborations as you work with others on different projects. In some ways, this is the way Hollywood has been working for decades. And it’s also one that I increasingly see in Silicon Valley….”


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