Class of 2010 Gathers For Annual Senior Ball

by cbognet on May 9, 2010 · 0 comments

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Last night, the class of 2010 replaced their celestrium brass rats for gold, donned formal wear, and hopped into cabs in the rain to come to the Sheraton Copley for Senior Ball. I spent the day getting my hair and make up done (such a juxtaposition from normal MIT life) and the 30 minutes before the dance, changing my hair completely, washing off the make up, and reapplying it. If I recall correctly, I did the same thing for my high school prom; for the second time I have learned that some things are better done yourself. : )

The ball itself was so, so much fun. I knew it would be awesome to have multiple friend groups together in one place, but wow! The food was wonderful (choice of salad + chicken, beef, fish, or vegetarian + gourmet pastries for dessert), and since one of my best friends was on Senior Ball Committee, our table was directly next to the dance floor : ) Speaking of which, the DJ was a dream come true for someone with music ADD like myself; every song was played for only 1 minute before the next one began. Perfect! I was also thrilled that the dance floor was packed the entire night. Afterwards, we stopped briefly at Cactus Club (before turning around and heading home to order pizza). As we walked out, I heard the bouncer mumble to his friend, “there go the MIT nerds.”

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